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Isaiah’s Management agency – LEDOM Enterprises – launches an Interactive, Touch Screen Digital Display Campaign on Michigan Ave in Chicago to announce the launching of his New Single “A Girl Like You”
June 6, 2014 –  Isaiah’s agency surprised him by taking him at a late hour of the night to Michigan Avenue after his performance at The Bridge Center   where a Digital Touch Screen display announces the launching of his upcoming single. Isaiah wasn’t aware of this work done by his agency. Next day, he returned to the location to take a better look of the display and was embraced by locals and tourists asking him to take pictures.
Isaiah’s new single titled: A GIRL LIKE YOU is scheduled to be launched in the middle of this Summer

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If you are an AR for a Record Label interested in talking to someone for Isaiah’s representation, please call [312] 545-9800. Please refrain from using this number for any other purpose.



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